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Airflex Water Cooled Brakes are available in four different models;  WCB2, WCBD, WCS, and WCSB.  The WCB2/WCBD line was designed for applications requiring high horsepower absorption and features brakes that are air-applied.  The WCS line was designed specifically for continuous slip service, to absorb and disappate thermal loads associated with the most severe clutch and brake applications.  The WCSB line was designed for dynamic tensioning, static holding and emergency stopping in one complete brake.  This line features brakes with water-cooled and air-cooled friction discs in one brake that is both pressure and spring-applied.

Product Sizing
Water cooled element sizes are indicated by the number of friction discs and the disc diameter in inches. For instance, size 224WCB has two friction discs 24 inches in diameter.


Capacidad de torque hasta:  7,254,450 lb·in,
                                                819.027 N·m
Capacidad térmica hasta:  5,200 HP, 3.878 kW
Tamaños estandar:  The are 22 standard WCB2/WCBD sizes ranging from a 1 disc brake with an 8 inch diameter up to a 4 disc brake with a 48 inch diameter.

Tipo WCS
Capacidad de torque hasta: 1,545,000 lb·in, 
                                               174.431 N·m
Capacidad térmica hasta: 2,600 HP 1.939 kW
Tamaños estandar: There are 18 standard WCS sizes ranging from a 1 disc brake with an 8 inch diameter up to a brake that has 4 discs that are each 36 inches in diameter.

Capacidad de torque hasta: 5,058,625 lb·in,
                                                571.119 N·m
Capacidad térmica hasta:  3,900 HP, 2.908 kW
Tamaños estandar: There are 9 standard WCSB sizes ranging from a 2 disc brake with a 24 inch diameter up to a brake with 4 discs that are each 48 inches in diameter.




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