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Airflex CS/CTE drum style brakes are spring-applied, and air-released.  They will automatically engage should loss of air pressure occur.  Their design and construction are ideal for moderate speed, high torque, cyclic applications.  The CS brake is unidirectional, developing less torque in the reverse direction of drum rotation.  The CTE brake develops greater torque than the CS type and is bi-directional.  The CTE develops approximately the same torque in either direction of drum rotation.

Product Sizing
Spring applied element sizes are identified by the outside drum diameter in inches on which the brake works and the width in inches of their friction lining. For instance, a size 9CSA200 is designed to operate on a 9 inch diameter drum and has a friction lining width of 2 inches.
Tipo CS
Static Torque Capacities Up To:  19,800 lb·in,
                                                           2.235 N·m
Standard Sizes:  There are 6 standard CS sizes.  The smallest brake features a 4 inch drum and the largest brake features an 18 inch drum.
Tipo CTE
Static Torque Capacities Up To: 108,350 lb·in,
                                                          12.200 N·m
Standard Sizes: There are 3 standard CTE sizes.  The smalles brake features a 12 inch drum and the largest  brake features a 24 inch drum.

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