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Gas y petróleo

Airflex products are utilized in the oil and gas industry on drilling equipment such as drawworks, top drives, rotary tables, engine drives and also on mooring systems for offshore applications.

The oil and gas market has come to depend on Airflex components for quality, performance, reliability, superior controllability and a lower total cost of ownership. Eaton provides a comprehensive selection simulation procedure which insures that our brake meets the customer's braking needs, with Oil and Gas Industry recognized service factors.

Airflex’s products are backed by superior technical support from experienced field sales and application engineering teams. Our professionals work closely with drawworks OEMs, drilling contractors, and service personnel to ensure proper selection of braking systems and customized features.

Below are the most common Airflex products utilized in the oilfield industry.  If you do not see a product that meets your requirements, please view our complete listing of oil and gas products.

Principales productos para la industria de gas y petróleo

Tipo CB
Torque Capacities Up To: 1,160,000 Ib·in,
                                               131.000 N·m
Oil & Gas Applications: Cat Head, Compound, Drawworks, Inertia Brake, Power Take Off (PTO), Pumps, Rotary Table, Sand Reel, Top Drive

Tipo VC
Torque Capacities Up To: 15,189,000 Ib·in,
                                               1.706.629 N·m
Oil & Gas Applications: Cat Head, Drawworks, Inertia Brake, Pumps, Rotary Table, Sand Reel, Top Drive

Types WCB2 & WCBD
Torque Capacities Up To: 7,254,450 lb·in,
                                               819.027 N·m
Thermal Capacities Up To: 5,200 HP, 3.878 kW
Oil & Gas Applications:  Drawworks, Mooring Systems

Torque Capacities Up To: 5,058,625 lb·in, 
                                               571.119 N·m
Thermal Capacities Up To: 3,900 HP 2.908 kW
Oil & Gas Applications: Drawworks, Mooring Systems