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Airflex clutches and brakes have been used for decades on the most demanding applications in the marine industry - for the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard as well as numerous commercial fleet vessels.  Our clutches serve a variety of purposes, from engaging the engine drive to power marine propulsion applications to mooring winches where our water cooled brakes are used to provide tension to anchor offshore vessels.   Airflex provides the components that are noted for their exceptional engineering, technical capability and quality.  Airflex currently supplies main propulsion clutches for the U.S. Navy’s newest landing craft, the LPD.

Airflex products are backed by an experienced sales team who are strategically located for access to customers.  In addition, Airflex offers application engineering support to provide customized solutions and technical service for world wide commissioning and repair. 

Below are the most common Airflex products utilized  in the marine industry.  If you do not see a product that satisfies your requirements, please view our complete listing of marine products.

Principales productos para la Industria Marítima

Tipo CM
Torque Capacities Up To: 3,236,000 Ib·in,
                                               365.000 N·m
Marine Applications: Bow Thrusters, Main Propulsion

Tipo VC
Torque Capacities Up To: 15,189,000 Ib·in, 
                                               1.706.629 N·m
Marine Applications:  Bow Thrusters, Deck Machinery, Dredges, Generator Set, Main Propulsion, Pipe Laying Equipment, Power Take-off, Propeller Shaft Brake, Pumps

Tipos WCB2 & WCBD
Torque Capacities Up To: 7,254,450 lb·in,
                                               819.027 N·m
Thermal Capacities Up To: 5,200 HP, 3.878 kW
Marine Applications:  Anchor Winches & Windlass, Deck Machinery, Pipe Laying Equipment