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Eaton Airflex's type VC drum clutch was specifically designed to meet the severe clutching requirements of grinding mills and other applications found in the mineral processing industry.  The dual 76VC1600 is currently Airflex's largest clutch.   

The VC clutch offers the most value compared to other mill drive technologies and has proved to be easier to install and maintain compared to disc style clutches; this is due to their lower operating temperatures and less stringent alignment specifications. These clutches are also able to be disassembled without moving the drive and driven shafts.   Other benefits include reduced wear and tear on driveline components as well as substantial savings in electricity charges due to reduced current demands at start up. 

Airflex provides customers with knowledgeable field sales and application engineers who provide daily support to customers in selection of the right application, by providing customized solutions, installation services, repair assistance and troubleshooting capabilities.

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Tipo VC
Torque Capacities Up To: 15,189,000 Ib·in, 
                                               1.706.629 N·m
Grinding Applications:  Grinding Mills