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Disc Products
Water Cooled Disc Clutches & Brakes
Airflex Water Cooled Brakes are available in four different models.  The WCS line is a spring-applied pressure released brake.  The WCB2 & WCBD lines are air-applied brakes.  The WCSB line features water-cooled and air-cooled friction discs that are pressure and spring applied.
Product Lines:
 Type WCB2 & WCBD, Type WCS, Type WCSB
  Air Cooled Disc Clutches & Brakes
Airflex carries two types of Air Cooled Clutches & Brakes The DB style brakes are available in multiple disc units and are spring applied and air-released.  The DC clutches & brakes are also available in multiple disc units and are air applied.
Product Lines: Type DBA, Type DBB, Type DBBS, Type DC
  Oil and Oil/Air Cooled Disc Clutches & Brakes
Airflex Oil & Oil/Air Cooled Clutches & Brake are available in two different styles, hydraulic and magnetic.  The hydraulic clutches are multiple-disc units available in stationery or rotating cylinder design.  The magnetic clutches and brakes are stationery field, multiple-disc units controlled by electromagnetic force. 
Product Lines:  Hydraulic -
Type AR, Type AS
                   Magnetic - Type SB, Type SC
Combination Disc Clutch/Brake Packages
Airflex Combination Disc Clutch/Brake Packages are available in two different models which both feature an air-actuated disc clutch and a spring-applied disc brake.
Product Lines: Type CBC, Type DCB
Caliper Disc Brakes
Airflex Caliper Disc Brakes are available in two product lines that can both be air or hydraulically actuated.
Product Lines: Type DP, Type H