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AirflexCombination Clutch/Brake Packages are available in three different models; FSPA, CBC and DCB.  The FSPA line was designed primarily for use on punch presses but has found application on all types of cyclic equipment.  FSPA products feature an air-applied clutch and either a drum or disc style brake.  The CBC and DCB  lines feature an air-actuated disc clutch and a spring-applied disc brake. The CBC line was designed primarily for high speed, high cyclic, heavy-duty industrial applications.  The DCB line was designed for high speed, continuously running machinery requiring an extremely fast stop.


CBC Clutch/Brake Combination
Clutch Capacities Up To: 788,000 lb·in, 58,073 N·m
Brake Capacities Up To: 372,000 lb·in, 42,029 N·m
Standard Sizes: There are 9 standard CBC sizes ranging from 25 inches in diameter up to 66 inches in diameter.

DCB Clutch/Brake Combination
Clutch Capacities Up To: 75,000 lb·in, 8.475 N·m
Brake Capacities Up To: 55,000 lb·in, 6.215 N·m
Standard Sizes: There is 1 standard DCB size measuring 21 inches in diameter.

FSPA Clutch/Brake Combination
Clutch Capacities Up To:  516,000 lb·in, 58.260 N·m
Brake Capacities Up To:  336,200 lb·in, 37.960 N·m
Standard Sizes: View the FSPA Technical Specifications Document for all available product sizes.


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